Farah Jasmine Griffin – Harlem Nocturne

As World War II raged overseas,
Harlem witnessed a battle of its
own. Brimming with creative and political
energy, Harlem’s diverse array of artists
and activists launched a bold cultural
offensive aimed at winning democracy
for all Americans, regardless of race or
gender. In Harlem Nocturne, esteemed
scholar Farah Jasmine Griffin tells the
stories of three black female artists
whose creative and political efforts fueled
this movement for change: novelist
Ann Petry, a major new literary voice;
choreographer and dancer Pearl Primus,
a pioneer in her field; and composer and
pianist Mary Lou Williams, a prominent
figure in the emergence of Bebop.
As Griffin shows, these women made
enormous strides for social justice during
the war, laying the groundwork for the
Civil Rights Movement before the Cold
War temporarily froze their democratic
dreams. Harlem Nocturne captures a period
of unprecedented vitality and progress
for African Americans and women in the
United States.

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